Dining in Vallnord-Pal Arinsal

Dining in Vallnord-Pal Arinsal 

Bon appétit!

Instead, head out to experience the diverse and extensive culinary options available to you in the restaurants of Vallnord-Pal Arinsal. All prepared with local ingredients, our dining options are another attractive reason to visit the resort, without a doubt, the dining options satisfy the demands of many different audiences. We offer comfortable venues with excellent table service provided by qualified personnel.

A WIDE VARIETY OF STYLISH CUISINE AND GREAT SERVICE | 5 gastronomic dining alternatives with alternative service levels that are self-delimiting according to the preferences and expectations of each user.

  • ‘Between meals’ service’
  • ‘A la Carte’ service
  • Haute Cuisine service
  • Tapas Restaurant
  • High mountain dining experiences


Average price: 12€/pax

Waiting times: Between 3 and 15 minutes according to demand.


A food service at the base of the piste to enjoy a sweet or savoury snack between meals to temporarily quash your hunger. Outdoor service provided quickly and directly to your table.

Hot or cold sandwiches, crepes and chips are also available, as are hamburgers, crisps, cafeteria service and vending machines.


Xiringuito de Pal, Xiringuito Pla de la Cot, Xiringuito Coll de la Botella, Xalet Igloo d’Arinsal and La Creperia d’Arinsal


Average price: 16 € pax

Waiting time:  Between 8 and 20 minutes according to demand.


Our à la carte options are defined by simple dishes, mostly prepared with local ingredients and inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Complete culinary dining options that are prepared to order and with a healthy nutritional balance, available in cozy and comfortable environments with terraces and views.

The resort offers wide and varied options that include: ecological foods, pizzas, pasta or salads; with menus that expand and vary depending on the style, seasonality and location of each venue.


El Rústic, L’Expresso, L’Exprés Grill, the Self Service at Pal. El Pla de la Cot, El Grill Coll de la Botella. The Terrace and Self Service at Arinsal.


Average price: Between 25 € a 40 € pax.

Waiting time: Between 10 and 20 minutes according to demand and and the food options selected.


The ‘Cowbella’ restaurant, with an interior dining room and terrace, and the ‘Bistrot’, at Coll de la Botella, are two good examples of the depth and breadth of the cuisine on offer at the resort. Local and with a standard of food and service that is all but haute cuisine. Establishments where exquisite meat dishes and flamboyant rice plates are just some of the gastronomic delights on carefully selected menus adapted to the taste of the most demanding palate. Reserved and tranquil environments.


Cowbella, Pla de la Caubella, Pal.
Bistrot, edifici de serveis Coll de la Botella, Coll de la Botella


Average price: 16 € pax

Waiting time: Between 8 and 20 minutes according to demand.


Going for tapas is synonymous with heading out with friends to have fun and it’s a delicious way to enjoy socialising. ‘La Taverna de Pal’ embodies this and is perfect to get together with friends, fun and good vibe. ‘La Taverna de Pal’ has easy access and a great terrace offering an interesting and varied menu of cold and hot selections that change with the season. Good appetizers for anyone who wants to sample/ taste them with a beer or a glass of wine. Table and cafeteria service.


Taverna de Pal, Pla de la Caubella, Pal.



Fridays and Saturdays, gastronomic cuisine served in the moonlight by restaurants high in the mountains.


  • Pla de la Cot: Three menu options
  • Coll de la Botella: Themed evenings and events
  • Xalet Igloo: Fondue Menus


‘Pla de la Cot’, peu de pista, cota 2052. Pal.

‘Grill’ and/ or ‘Bistrot’, edifici de serveis Coll de la Botella. Coll de la Botella.

‘Xalet Igloo’, peu de pista, cota 2300. Arinsal