Vallnord Bike Park La Massana

Vallnord Bike Park la Massana


Have a unique summer experience

Vallnord Bike Park La Massana is one of the main attractions for a summer of adventure and fun. The resort offers customers more than 40 km of circuits distributed across a total of 29 circuits for different levels:

  • 21 descent circuits
  • 2 x Enduro
  • 4 x Cross-country
  • 1 x Four-Cross
  • 1 x e-bike
  • Area of ​​practice
  • Kids Bike Park
  • 1 Pump Track

Every year the lifts that give access to the Bike Park as well as the La Massana cable car to get access to the Pal sector are starting up. All lifts are enabled for the transport of bicycles. The other lifts made available to customers are the reclining chairlifts of the Serra II and the Cubil, which allow us to reach the highest point of the Bike Park: 2.354m.

Bike Park has other beneficial complementary services: bicycle rental shops, maintenance services, Downhill School and the Parish of La Massana and surrounding villages, apartments and hotels adapted to all clients needs.

Vallnord Bike Park La Massana is ranked by Redbull as the 4th best Bike Park in the world.

Bike Park Modalities


Circuits with sections to be pedaled by combining XC and DH. Two circuits of red and blue level. Approximately 80% of the route is formed by paths.


Natural and man made circuits. Great variety of natural or artificial jumps. Traces of all levels. It is recommended to use descent bicycle.

Pump Track

An ideal infrastructure to work on balance, piloting skills and improve confidence on the bike before going to open circuits.

Cross Country

Circuits with wide pedaling areas and 3 levels of difficulty. The more technical paths have technical areas with roots and rocks. It is recommended to use the Cross Country bike.


From Pla de la Caubella de Pal to Coll de la Botella. Tracks suitable for all levels. Just go up to Pla de la Caubella to Pal and both ways to Coll de la Botella.

Wood Park

Circuits equipped with wooden modules: walkways, drops and wallride. They combine natural stretches of roots and roots.

Four Cross

Combine jumps with fun and excitement. Zones of plateaus, 'step-ups', chained slabs and zone of logs.

Kids Bike Park

Circuit adapted to smaller riders. To enjoy and learn. 1 Mini Wood Park circuit and two descents.

Position Signs

Direction Signs


  • Check that the helmet is in good condition and that it is adjusted in a correct way.
  • Check your bike and confirm that it is in good condition.
  • Make sure your brake pads are in good condition.
  • Check that the brake pads are in good condition.
  • Check the tire pressure and remember that you also have to check the enclosures.
  • The handlebar, the fists and the power must be well fixed, such as the seal and the stem.
  • Enable Alpify on your mobile, as in the event of an accident, the support service will know what your exact location is.


  • Keep your bicycle under control at all times.
  • Do not stop at places where you could be an obstacle for others or where you are not visible.
  • When entering a circuit crossing, look at all the directions and check that there are no other cyclists on the track.
  • Range within the marked areas and respect the signposts of the Bike Park.
  • Do not use the Bike Park lifts if you are under the effects of drugs or alcohol. To raise safely to the chair lifts requires skill, skill and knowledge. If you have any problem or doubt, ask for help from the Bike Park, who will help you wherever you need it.
  • If you witness an accident or detect any irregularity in the circuits, contact the +376 878 078

Services for bikers

The Vallnord Bike Park La Massana also offered other services of interest to bikers, like bicycle cross-country and points of cleaning and mechanical strategically located to meet the needs of the maximum number of users.

Another star service is the new school of descent, school bike , with specialized monitors and graduates.